Garden Services

       We feel that every home would be better with a garden, even if it's just a few pots brimming with herbs or a couple of beautiful flowering perennials. Our favorite projects are small and intimate; turning a side yard into a flower cutting bed, reviving your backyard with feathery and unique Texas natives or adding a vegetable garden to your yard and planting it with seasonal, organically grown crops.

       We always offer free on-site consultations, this allows us to meet you face-to-face and really get a chance to understand your goals. Once we evaluate your space, needs and personal vision, we custom design a beautiful plot to grow all kinds of lovely plants. Designing a landscape and garden is not a linear task, we are always circling back to make sure everything is in sync. Often times, your style will change with the seasons or something you thought you loved just doesn't look quite right. We will always be there to advise and update the design to capture your vision. 

       Shepard's Flock is a small family business and we intend to stay that way. When you choose us to be your year round gardener, you get personalized care and landscaping that is as unique as you are. We specialize in creating outdoor spaces that are beautiful, functional and most importantly, bountiful!  We build beauty and bounty.

·       Custom designed, hand built home gardens and landscaping
·       Handmade concrete planters and pots
·       Garden care, harvesting and preserving services
·       Small batch, seasonal canning classes
·       Homegrown garden plants and Texas natives — using organic gardening products
·       Gift certificates for all services

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