Our Story

Our designers have been providing unique outdoor designs that are both visually dynamic yet environmentally friendly. 

We apply sound principles of design using eco-friendly landscape to deliver outdoor spaces that rejuvenate. We look forward to designing your outdoor living space.

Caitlin Harris

Gardener / Instructor​​​​

     I've always had a great fondness for the outdoors. Some of my earliest memories are of camping and exploring the wilderness. I had  a cactus from Fredericksburg when I was little that had the most beautiful sunset colored bloom on it. That was probably my first green thumb moment. I've always had a garden — they weren't always very good. Once we bought our home, the first thing I did was plant! Each season I got better and better and had such success that I began growing transplants for friends and family. I have my degree in Photo-Communications from St. Edwards University in Texas and take much pride in photographing my bounty and culinary concoctions. 


Our Philosophy

Here at Shepard's Flock, we know that landscaping can be so much more than planting flowers and grass. We  work with our clients to craft the perfect spaces for their needs. Our goal is to grow as much edible or native Texas landscaping as possible while still making your yard look like "yard of the month."

Aaron Moore

Editor / Taste Tester​​​​

     My first experience with gardening was watching my grandpa, Hobart Craft, tend to his plot in Seguin, Texas. He grew amazing tomatoes and peppers that we would have with burgers from the grill. You usually won't find me in the gardens but I do love using our extensive variety of fresh herbs when cooking. These days, I love to grill and we throw all kinds of veggies on the grill — onions, peppers, corn, eggplant, asparagus and more. I love when Caitlin pickles cucumbers and okra, I make sure they are top notch! I also help edit the site and pages and keep SFCC media in order.




Shepard & Cathedral

Junior Gardeners

   We love to dig in the garden, especially if Mama has just planted seeds. We try to pick the best produce but, sometimes we are too eager and pick the tomatoes a bit early — when they are still green. Our favorites are fresh green beans and asparagus straight from the garden. We also love pickles of all kinds and usually get a kick out of any creature that crawls, leaps or hops. We really try to not eat all of the dirt.

S h e p a r d ' s  F l o c k

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